Ornate wooden doors HD

These elaborately-crafted wooden doors were scanned with an Eva in merely a handful of minutes. Since the resulting 3D model was destined for use in a movie, the doors’ many intricate carvings needed to pass close visual inspection. Prior to the advent of HD Mode, the curves and edges would’ve been far too smooth, and Space Spider would’ve been brought in. Considering the large dimensions of the doors, that would’ve extended the duration of the scanning considerably. With Eva flying on HD Mode, everything from top to bottom, including all the recessed edges and surfaces, were captured in 5 minutes. The sharpness and minimal noise levels were stunning. Only minutes later the 3D model was exported and ready for use by the movie technicians, who were extremely impressed by the ease and speed with which Eva handled this crucial task.

One of the most noteworthy benefits of HD Mode is that it imparts just as powerful results with the oldest Evas as it does with one purchased last week. This means that the Eva you purchased 5, 6, 7 years ago, or more, can easily be cranking out scans rivalling and even surpassing those produced by today’s hottest scanners.

OBJ [80.19 MB]
STL [160.71 MB]
PLY [65.74 MB]
WRL [111.03 MB]