Metal table HD

Scanning a simple, straightforward table might seem like an easy thing to do for anyone with some scanning experience, and an easy enough challenge even for someone new to the job. But anyone who knows their way around a scanner would also tell you that a table both shiny and full of intricate designs, including carved out spaces and fine lines, would present a far greater challenge. With Artec Studio 15’s HD mode, such advanced surfaces are no big deal, however, and this table was scanned easily and without incident (or spray!). In HD mode, smaller, thinner elements are easily scanned, and that includes holes, strands of hair, and edges. What’s more, any sharp edges or fine lines are captured with minimal noise and close to their original shape — in this case, a crucial step for creating a 3D model as close as possible to the table in question.

To capture this modern table 3D model, Artec Eva was used. Perfect for an object of this size, Eva needed little help in capturing the table in its full form. Rather than having to apply a spray to the table’s shiny exterior, three pieces of tape were used to help with registration — that’s an especially note-worthy task for metal surfaces. Have a look at each angle of this 3D model and notice how well everything has been captured — from its finest details to its texture, its ornamental design, and its altogether exquisite appearance. Zoom in for a closer look!

12 minutes
13.3 minutes
30 minutes
OBJ [13.34 MB]
STL [27.3 MB]
PLY [11.06 MB]
WRL [18.42 MB]